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Im Lyn, I live in the UK. My Friend Debbie lives in USA. Debbie had a wish, I had a Dream.I wished this Dream could come True. It DID. With the help of Many Friends around the World.An Incredible Journey was about to unfold.Dreams Can come True .

Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Powers of a Pond . 28th March 2009

Today Debbie posted in Scruffy,s Diary about her illness and this chance she has been given...I know it comes with a Price Tag...but I dont as yet know how much.I am doing my own bit of Fund Raising in UK to help towards this Price Tag.Im not sure if anyone can help but I am doing whatever I can to help Debbie get to California from my side of the "Pond" .Im doing some Raffles , Trying to get a car boot sale done.(thats like a Garage Sale ) Debbie has the offer of accomodation when in California ,As yet I dont know where Deb needs to be.but I am passing on any info to that very kind Lady,s offer. I know Debbie has been given another Boost but I also know how ill Deb is.Time is vital now.My heart is so desperate to help Debbie.I cant let money come between the chance of Life ,.....and death. I wish time was on Debs side as I have some money comming my way but not til around September. I could have sent that towards the costs of this .Ohh how I wish I had Joy,s Pond infront of me right now.I can feel Joy,s Pond ..Strange as that may sound..I really can "feel" its powers.Its like a Guardian Angel...a Spirit watching over me.Giving me a sense of Calm.That pond has to be seen ",breathed in " to understand its depth . Joy, you have an Angel there.A Spirit.That Spirit is Good. Im in need of a Deep Breath ,I will look at the photo, It still passes its Energy to me from the Photo. The Powers of a Pond are deep .Strong and surrounding this Dream with calm comforting warmth.
This is Scruffy,s Diary Entry ,posted today.
My mommie is 48 years old and has raised 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. Her baby is 26 and pregnant. (mommie is praying to be here for the birth of this baby) Recently my mom was diagnoised with mesothelioma. A cancer that fast growing,and swift to kiill. My mom has been given less than 6 months. She has however found a treatment that could give her over 5 years. she has insurance but there is still large copays and flight payments since she will have to fly from Florida to California for the treatment. Anyone that could help with even a few bucks we would be so thankful. My mom helped her father who passed away with the same cancer and she is very scared. It is a horrible death and the person is left to suffocate as an outcome. She is begging for your help. This treatment has been approved in many surgeries and many cancers including hers. It has given many years instead of months to the people that have been lucky enough to have the treatment. So im askng to please help us. You can send help to ( address edited for security reasons....any donations can be sent via paypal to alfiechinacat@yahoo.co.uk All donations will be forwarded to Debbie.End of Editing ) . We PROMISE not to use the money except for our trips to California for treatment. She will need to go 2 times tat we are sure of right now. She has a lymphnode with cancer laying close to her liver and he wants to get that ASAP. It causes her alot of pain. The tumor itself is hugh and he hopes to get 80% of that in his first surgery. Theres never been a surgery to help meso before. This is a truly life saving event. PLEASE help my mommie stay around longer than her daddy did.he only made 7 months. Help give my mommie more years than months. Again the adress is above. What ever money is left will be given to a group leader to help another person searching for help. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING. LUV SCRUFFY AND FAMILY

Friday, 27 March 2009

A New Page turns in This Chapter. .We Believe in Miracles ...March 27th 09

Today I had some Flowers sent to Debbie..They should get Delivered tomorrow.I could never have imagined my timing with this would be So Spot On. I phoned Debbie tonight, She told me of how she had been rushed into Hospital with severe chest pains.She came home yesterday .Debbie told me about a Chance she has been given..A Dr inCalifornia has accepted Debbie as his patient.He is sure he can help Debbie and give her maybe up to 8 more years with her family.As soon as Debbie Posts I will have more info.We understand this will be expensive,Deb is trying to fund raise . I will do what ever I can to help too.This is a Chance that Debbie cant let slip by.

I am so very glad Deb has something to focus on .This Dream is Alive again.Miracles Do happen. Can this be Debbies Miracle ? I am praying that it is. I know nothing is certain but its a step forwards. Debbie has Hope .Debbie will fight for this ,I know she will .Im fighting too,Im going to help Debbie as much as I can to get to California to see this Dr. Dreams ,Miracles, we just need Faithe and Hope.Im sure we Have that too.Im Smiling BIG Smiles .Praying for this Miracle.Praying Debbie will see her new Grandchild be born.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Amazing Grace, The New Chapter .

The New Chapter, page 2
16th March 2009

This Photo shows where my Mind is ,Even though now Im looking at a Photo of Joy,s Pond I still feel the depth of its Powers.Look deep, Breathe it in...can you feel it too ?

Hello Dream Makers...

Today I think This is quite appropriate...Debbie is in my Thoughts... Im making some arrangements and plans for a return visit to see Debbie.

I thought this Video says it all.......

Sunday, 1 March 2009

A New Chapter unfolds.....

Lots of things have happened since my return to the UK . A New Chapter Unfolds.......

Ive talked with Debbie since my return to UK.She has had good days and bad. My last talk ,a few days ago...found Debbie feeling good. She was between Chemo sessions and sounded really good. We talked and Deb told me about her Shopping trip. Im glad she could get to go outfor a short while.I know it tired her out but She did enjoy the "outing" and that has got to be Good.

Debbie has recieved many cards and gifts from The Dream Makers.You. They have helped to cheer Debbie up so much. She really enjoys them and the photos of your cats too. Thankyou ALL so much .

I hold my memories of this DreamVisit to meet Debbie very close to my heart. Not a day goes by without thinking of Debbie. She is in my thoughts and Prayers. A friend I will treasure always. Im putting together a parcel to send over to Debbie. I will include All Our Purrs and Prayers in it .
Scruffy and Alfie have talked together in Pm too since my return home. Alfie and Scruffy are "old Friends" on Catster.
Turning the next page soon.......Hugs Lyn