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Im Lyn, I live in the UK. My Friend Debbie lives in USA. Debbie had a wish, I had a Dream.I wished this Dream could come True. It DID. With the help of Many Friends around the World.An Incredible Journey was about to unfold.Dreams Can come True .

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Good News with a Smile.

I have some Good News to share...Ive talked to Debbie tonight.She is in California and has had her second lot of treatment. Things sound very promising ,Debbie sounded tired but was in good spirits.

Debbieis due to come home on Saturday.The phone line wasnt very clear and I think I missed some things Deb was telling me or maybe it was because I was excited to hear she is doing well.!

We talked for a short while, A friend paid for all Debs flight and Hotel bills .Deb may need to repay this ,Im not sure. I will ask once Deb is home and relaxed again. One thing Deb did say was ...Would I go back over for a visit ...? I said YES.Once Deb is feeling brighter and ready for a Visitor ...I will get over there..I cant wait to get planning a Revisit. ....Is Florida ready for this I wonder ? Has Florida recovered from my first visit ???? grins

I had some flowers delivered to Deb,s home on Monday 4 th .May ...The same ones as in the above picture..Next week Im going to get the Smiley Flowers delivered..Smiles.


Please keep Debbie in your prayers and thoughts. As soon as I have more news I will let you know. Smiles and Hugs ,

Friday, 1 May 2009

May Day.... or Mayday ? I will wait ...think and Remember .

It is May 1st 09, So far I have no news to give , Ive phoned Deb again today, left a message on her voice mail .I hope someone will get in touch.Not knowing how Deb is or Where Deb is ....Its hard not to be concerned. Im still doing my little bit of fund raising in UK. Its not alot but I have to do something. Ive added some Auction Items but dont think anything will come of it, Playful,s mum has sent some Items ,Ive added those too, Thankyou Playful . I guess if anyone is interested in anything there,,if an Auction dosnt take place maybe you could just make an offer ? It dosnt matter if you cant...Im not expecting anything to come of it so not going to be disapointed . I know not many come here but Im going to keep this Dream Makers Blog going,,in Honor of Deb.The Dream Makers and my own Memories of a Dream that Came True...

I do intend to go back to see Debbie,,,I just need to here from her or her family first.I need to do this return visit with lots of careful planning as I wont have the help I had for the Dream Visit in December. I know I can ask for help in making my plans but also know people are very busy and need their own time too. I know I may have to think about hire car when I do get back to Florida .GULP...can those Big Roads cope with a BRIT !!!!!!!! Maybe Florida could close for my Visit duration ? That way Id be safe on those Big roads ..grins. Please , can I ask you to keep Deb in your thoughts ...I will write to Deb and her Family and ask how Deb is... Maybe Debbie has managed to reach California ...I just dont know...wish I had some news to share ...Til I do, all I can do is wait,,,I dont like waiting when I know time is not on Debs side . ....I just pray Deb is ok as can be ...and her Family are all ok ,

Ive got to slow down,Dr,s Orders,,but those who know me,will know I dont do Slow,,very well. My mind has no Slow gear,,,It drives forwards , working and thinking, My body might slow a bit but not my thoughts ....They are as fast as ever ...My mind has so much going through it..Slow down ? I dont know how to...I am trying... but its hard,,I feel " lazy" if Im not active...I hope I have some News soon. Hugs n Purrs for today

Friday, 3 April 2009

Blue Hills , Distant Horizons

Ive just again tried to phone Debbie but no answer. I hope it is just a case of her phone being switched off .I have phoned the Hospital in Orlando that Debbie was in when I was over there .The lady on reception said Deb isnt there.She put me through to another Lady who did a search /scan of 7 Hospitals in the area.Deb isnt in any of those so maybe Deb is back home resting .I hate being so far away.Not knowing where or how Deb is .

Im still doing my own little bit of fund raising.Ok I havnt got much ,just £27.00 but its a start. I wont give up ,Friends are for Life not just for Christmas .

I hope Deb has managed to contact those addresses that Joy posted (and I emailed ) Donna gave them to forward to Deb as they may help her get to California.Time isnt on Deb,s side.She NEEDS to get to see this Dr in California asap.

I know the flowers gave Deb a smile.Im glad of that..

My mind keeps wandering and Im finding myself once again wanting to go back to see Deb.I know I must wait..but Im me , Im needing to do something ,anything, I know my money is best (at this moment ) put into my fund raising .If I knew how things were I could think about this more. I promised I would be back.I know I will, its a case of when.Now would be a good time but I must wait.I will check Scruffy,s diary to see if a new entry has been added. Ive posted a card today. I wish I could hand deliver it ,or maybe hide inside the Envolope ..I will post more news as I hear it. The Dream is Still alive. A new Chapter is being read...pages being turned...............

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Debbie is back in Hospital

Debbie is back in Hospital.Iam praying Deb can hang on and get to see the Dr in California asap.This Dr might be able to help Debbie. Please keep her in your thoughts.I will update this as soon as I hear more news. I know this news isnt good.I am going to phone the Hospital tomorrow before I try to phone Debbie as I dont want to disturb Deb if she is sleeping as when she is asleep she is out of pain.Debbie is in my thoughts, Debbie is such a strong Lady , I admire here greatly.Her strengh gives me Hope and Faith . Keep that Spirit High Deb.Keep up the Fight. We are by your side .

Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Powers of a Pond . 28th March 2009

Today Debbie posted in Scruffy,s Diary about her illness and this chance she has been given...I know it comes with a Price Tag...but I dont as yet know how much.I am doing my own bit of Fund Raising in UK to help towards this Price Tag.Im not sure if anyone can help but I am doing whatever I can to help Debbie get to California from my side of the "Pond" .Im doing some Raffles , Trying to get a car boot sale done.(thats like a Garage Sale ) Debbie has the offer of accomodation when in California ,As yet I dont know where Deb needs to be.but I am passing on any info to that very kind Lady,s offer. I know Debbie has been given another Boost but I also know how ill Deb is.Time is vital now.My heart is so desperate to help Debbie.I cant let money come between the chance of Life ,.....and death. I wish time was on Debs side as I have some money comming my way but not til around September. I could have sent that towards the costs of this .Ohh how I wish I had Joy,s Pond infront of me right now.I can feel Joy,s Pond ..Strange as that may sound..I really can "feel" its powers.Its like a Guardian Angel...a Spirit watching over me.Giving me a sense of Calm.That pond has to be seen ",breathed in " to understand its depth . Joy, you have an Angel there.A Spirit.That Spirit is Good. Im in need of a Deep Breath ,I will look at the photo, It still passes its Energy to me from the Photo. The Powers of a Pond are deep .Strong and surrounding this Dream with calm comforting warmth.
This is Scruffy,s Diary Entry ,posted today.
My mommie is 48 years old and has raised 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. Her baby is 26 and pregnant. (mommie is praying to be here for the birth of this baby) Recently my mom was diagnoised with mesothelioma. A cancer that fast growing,and swift to kiill. My mom has been given less than 6 months. She has however found a treatment that could give her over 5 years. she has insurance but there is still large copays and flight payments since she will have to fly from Florida to California for the treatment. Anyone that could help with even a few bucks we would be so thankful. My mom helped her father who passed away with the same cancer and she is very scared. It is a horrible death and the person is left to suffocate as an outcome. She is begging for your help. This treatment has been approved in many surgeries and many cancers including hers. It has given many years instead of months to the people that have been lucky enough to have the treatment. So im askng to please help us. You can send help to ( address edited for security reasons....any donations can be sent via paypal to alfiechinacat@yahoo.co.uk All donations will be forwarded to Debbie.End of Editing ) . We PROMISE not to use the money except for our trips to California for treatment. She will need to go 2 times tat we are sure of right now. She has a lymphnode with cancer laying close to her liver and he wants to get that ASAP. It causes her alot of pain. The tumor itself is hugh and he hopes to get 80% of that in his first surgery. Theres never been a surgery to help meso before. This is a truly life saving event. PLEASE help my mommie stay around longer than her daddy did.he only made 7 months. Help give my mommie more years than months. Again the adress is above. What ever money is left will be given to a group leader to help another person searching for help. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING. LUV SCRUFFY AND FAMILY

Friday, 27 March 2009

A New Page turns in This Chapter. .We Believe in Miracles ...March 27th 09

Today I had some Flowers sent to Debbie..They should get Delivered tomorrow.I could never have imagined my timing with this would be So Spot On. I phoned Debbie tonight, She told me of how she had been rushed into Hospital with severe chest pains.She came home yesterday .Debbie told me about a Chance she has been given..A Dr inCalifornia has accepted Debbie as his patient.He is sure he can help Debbie and give her maybe up to 8 more years with her family.As soon as Debbie Posts I will have more info.We understand this will be expensive,Deb is trying to fund raise . I will do what ever I can to help too.This is a Chance that Debbie cant let slip by.

I am so very glad Deb has something to focus on .This Dream is Alive again.Miracles Do happen. Can this be Debbies Miracle ? I am praying that it is. I know nothing is certain but its a step forwards. Debbie has Hope .Debbie will fight for this ,I know she will .Im fighting too,Im going to help Debbie as much as I can to get to California to see this Dr. Dreams ,Miracles, we just need Faithe and Hope.Im sure we Have that too.Im Smiling BIG Smiles .Praying for this Miracle.Praying Debbie will see her new Grandchild be born.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Amazing Grace, The New Chapter .

The New Chapter, page 2
16th March 2009

This Photo shows where my Mind is ,Even though now Im looking at a Photo of Joy,s Pond I still feel the depth of its Powers.Look deep, Breathe it in...can you feel it too ?

Hello Dream Makers...

Today I think This is quite appropriate...Debbie is in my Thoughts... Im making some arrangements and plans for a return visit to see Debbie.

I thought this Video says it all.......

Sunday, 1 March 2009

A New Chapter unfolds.....

Lots of things have happened since my return to the UK . A New Chapter Unfolds.......

Ive talked with Debbie since my return to UK.She has had good days and bad. My last talk ,a few days ago...found Debbie feeling good. She was between Chemo sessions and sounded really good. We talked and Deb told me about her Shopping trip. Im glad she could get to go outfor a short while.I know it tired her out but She did enjoy the "outing" and that has got to be Good.

Debbie has recieved many cards and gifts from The Dream Makers.You. They have helped to cheer Debbie up so much. She really enjoys them and the photos of your cats too. Thankyou ALL so much .

I hold my memories of this DreamVisit to meet Debbie very close to my heart. Not a day goes by without thinking of Debbie. She is in my thoughts and Prayers. A friend I will treasure always. Im putting together a parcel to send over to Debbie. I will include All Our Purrs and Prayers in it .
Scruffy and Alfie have talked together in Pm too since my return home. Alfie and Scruffy are "old Friends" on Catster.
Turning the next page soon.......Hugs Lyn

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I would like to take a moment to say Thankyou for following This Dream and hope you will follow the Next Chapter as we turn the pages.
I have talked to Debbie since my arrival back in UK. Debbie asked me to Thank each one of you, The Dream Makers and Friends who have sent Cards and Photos to her. She has enjoyed reading the cards and looking at your photos . I know Debbie has lots of things going on just now and she is in my Prayers and thoughts each day. The Dream isnt over..Chapter unfolds and I know Debbie and I will meet again.
I want to Thank You All for everything you have done .Without YOU the Dream would still be a Dream . I will add more to this Chapter as it unfolds. Please feel free to ask any questions or post any comments in the comment boxes.I will reply / answer your questions as best I can .Hugs Lyn

Sunday, 11 January 2009

We Had a Dream..

My Friend Debbie said to me a long time ago that She wished we could meet as she felt she knew me well. We ( Our cats Scruffy and Alfie ) talked to each other often. Then we lost contact. I found out that was because Debbie was Ill. I tried to find Debbie but was having no luck. I searched the groups that Scruffy was in..to see if there was any posts .I asked some friends for help, advice as to how to extend my search.I got good help and advice..I also emailed HQ who passed on my message to Debbie..who emailed me..YES We had contact. This was the start of The Dream. The Incredible Journey .Two Friends, Two Countries.. Uk and USA ,One Ocean, Many Friends from around the world joined this Dream...They are The Dream Makers.
The Dream was about to become a Reality.
Alfie ........Lyn
The Dream Makers .....We Can Make A Dream Come True

Please Feel Free to leave your comments in the Comments box after each post .

A Dream Awakes

Air Traffic Tracker and my Plane
UK to Philadelphia and Florida

Dream .....26th December 08

UK to Florida

Photo of Dale and Lyn in Philadelphia.

After many talks with Donna, (Morgan,s mum ) it was looking like this Dream might actually Come True.Donna took it on, She got the Go Ahead from HQ to start a Private Group and that is where Dreams and Visions joined together.

Auctions ,Donations, So many People joined in to make this Group into the Fantastic Group it has become.Funding came from all over the world.

The Dream was begining to Awake..

I spoke to Debbie and asked if she would like a Visitor !! Deb said YES !

The Dream was Alive.

I did many mistakes along the way , some BIG and some Bigger !! Flights got booked..then ..the finding of hotels in Orlando and Daytona got underway...Yes, I booked flights to the wrong airports. One of my Many mistakes..Having never flown to USA I wasnt prepared for what I was about to recieve !! After all Joy,s ( Princess Sophie ,s mum ) Hard work I had Hotels to go to.Orlando and Daytona Beach.Thankyou Joy.

My flight left Manchester on Dec 26th I had to change flights in Philadelphia. Moozer,s mum and Dad , Dale and Neil came to Philadelphia to meet me. They drove from New York . We had a Great time ,eating Philly Cheese Steaks and drinking Coffee ( I like Coffee !! ) We talked, Laughed, and I felt like Id known Dale and Neil for ever.Yes Dale..I will take you up on your offer to stay with you on your Houseboat..It sounds Great ,plus I get to meet Alfies Mate Moozer !! ...ulteria motive ,,grins )

Dale and Neil got me back to the airport with loads of time to spare.

I got checked in again..Looked at my ticket for the Gate...(here is where mistake number ...??? happened ) I headed to Gate 26. WOW, this Airport is BIG ! I looked for a Hire car,,a Bus..a taxi !! At least I was kept fit..it was a long walk.Found gate 26.I sat down knowing I had hrs to wait..I watched planes come and go..at about 7 pm I asked the Lady manning the podium about the Orlando flight.She said " ohh, just sit down and I will see you after Ive done this paperwork " OK I thought.., Well, I checked my ticket for the hundreth time..I actually ripped my ticket in half cos I was taking in out so many times..gulp ! (it was ok I was told ! ) That is when I saw Gate 28 ......not 26....the DATE was 26...not GATE. Ohh No,,,I dashed to Gate 28 but my flight to Orlando was taking off ...without Me !! Ohh well, Mistakes are happen....yes, BIG ones !Off I trotted to the US info desk...There I stood in line ...One guy had missed his flight as HE was sat in a Bar...The Lady( with the Face of Stone ) told him in no uncertain words that he had to pay for his hotel, flight change etc...I counted my Dollars..GULP ! I wondered If Singing would help ? grins.My turn to face the Face Of Stone...I explained I had been sat at the wrong gate...The Face of Stone melted into a Face of Smiles.This Lady was Very nice..She booked me onto the next Flight to Orlando,,Saturday afternoon ) She also gave me Hotel and shuttle details..and didnt want any money from me,,( I bet that guy who was sat in the Bar was cursing me !! )

Off I went to find a shuttle ...It was late, I was tired but all the errors were My Errors . I stood outside and waited for a shuttle...That is when I phoned Maria to let her know I wouldnt be in Orlando til Saturday evening.She told me to Stop right where I was,,Not board ANY Shuttle...and was phoning me back in 5 minutes.. Maria phoned me back,,,and told me to go across to the Marriot Hotel as it was In the Airport..She had booked me in there.( Maria has been a Guardian Angel throughout this Visit .)

The Marriot Hotel was really nice ..Im not use to such Luxuries..It was strange..but Very nice..I cant thank Maria enough.

Next morning..Off to my Next Flight..I got through Check in..was searched..and they took my Peanut Butter and Jelly off me..(Dale gave me those along with my Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich...Grins..they didnt find That !! ..licks Lips ! .

My ticket said GATE 8...A so off I went...WOW...this Airport grew over night im sure. I found Gate 8..A .I had Hrs and Hrs to wait..but I wasnt moving from this Gate..I looked at the Departure board..it said MY flight was departing at Gate 20A..Hummm...Ticket said gate 8 A...Board said Gate 20A..Here we go again...Gates ...I was telling Maria..who checked and said Yes, gate 20A is My departure gate..So I went off in search of a Taxi !! (It was a BIG airport !! ) I found gate 20A..and stayed there ..All was well. This was the right place. My flight to Orlando arrived..I boarded ..I arrived in Orlando Airport safe and well...Now to find the Hotel shuttle place...Do I need a Taxi ? grins..Nope..I found the Shuttle place ..Phoned for the Hotel shuttle service and was on my way...What a trip so far..Full of adventures, Now to check in...Very nice place..BIG...ohh you will get use to that BIG word by the time Ive finished this ..Grins. Well, I think its time to sleep...Tomorrow is another Adventure along the Dream,s Pathway .

Orlando .......Missie and Lyn

Sunday.. I woke up early..about 5 am...Today Missie was comming to meet me and take me out for the day. ( Hugs Missie ) It was Great meeting Missie as Ive talked on the Poota issie Now it was time to meet .Missie took me to Busch Gardens. Yes ok it Was BIG ! Huge Roller Coasters,,No Way..Im NOT that brave !!Im sure some people had fallen out enroute round the tracks.... We had a great time.I loved checking out the animals enclosers and compareing them to ours in UK. Yes, Yours are Bigger . It was Hot ...I couldnt get over hearing Christmas Carols and seeing the Sun blazing down..Its Winter..isnt it ? Where was the snow and cold winds ?
I had a lovely time with Missie and seeing Orlando and parts of Florida , We talked, laughed, I talked on the phone to more Catster Mums. It was a Lovely day .I enjoyed those Shock Tops too ...grins ..Thankyou Missie.
http://www.wftv.com/greatpets/10566678/detail.html White Tiger ,
This is one of UK,s Biggest Theme Parks.. Alton Towers
My Hotel in Orlando........Its BIG...!

Orlando to Daytona , meeting Joy

Monday 29th December 08 Photo,s of Hotel Room View and Joy by " my " pond

Today I set off on another journey to Daytona..my base for this Dream Visit with Debbie. I have many mixed emotions running through me. Getting nearer to meeting Debbie, meeting Joy, seeing more of Florida,s beautiful BIG open spaces.

I arrived at the DOshuttle in plenty of time..Met a lady from London on it too.We chatted dureing the drive to Daytona. I saw BIG lizards ( aka Aligators ) in the Halifax river. I liked them. The roads are long , Big, and Busy...I dont think Id be safe driving here as Id be looking at the scenery more than the road ! We arrived in the DOshuttle Drop off place. I met Joy here. Joy is Lovely ,she made me feel at ease.We talked as we drove to get some breakfast..Denny,s ? I think it was called. I tried your Pancakes with Maple syrup..They are not like our pancakes..Ours are thin and we add sugar and lemon juice on them. It was nice.Everything was nice. I really enjoyed that coffee...After breakfast Joy drove me to my Hotel ,We went to the shop to get a few bits, milk coffee sugar cookies ..That should do me . We will be meeting Debbie tomorrow. Joy told me about the Sunrises ..I will be up to watch it rise tomorrow..

After saying goodbye to Joy for today I settled down in my room.I love the maps on the tv .Weather maps. Isnt Florida Big ! . I went to look at the ocean..it was peaceful. Love the Pelicans too. I had a nice evening , This Dream IS Alive .Im really here..and going to meet Debbie tomorrow.

I Watched The Sun Rise ...A Special Day Dawns

Tuesday December 30th . Debbie and I will Meet .

I Felt The Wonder of what This Day was going to Bring. The Sunrise was So Special. Today is going to be So Special..Today....The Dream Comes True
I wait for Joy full of mixed emotions..Feeling nervous, excited, anxious, This is a day I could never have imagined happening .Its Real, its Here..We are Here.. Am I only Dreaming or is this feeling .....................Yes..Its REAL. I see Joys car pull up...Hi Joy !! Yes, it Is a Good Morning.
Off we go ...to meet Debbie...........................................................................

Joy,s Pond,

Joy took me to see a Walmart...Hmm, Big arnt they !So, if I cant buy it in Walmart..I go to ...Myers ??? grins.
We went back to Joys house and had a coffee and I met joys Babies..At first they wouldnt say Hello ,,but they soon came out as they got use to me being there over the week.They are so Beautiful.
Isaw Joy,s Pond..Ohh WOW..There is something Powerful there..A sort of Spiritual feeling..I could feel myself floating..a calmness came over me...This Pond needed to be Breathed in,,both by my eyes and soul. I couldnt get enough of it,s powers.
Tom, Joy and I had dinner together. , Then ,after dinner Joy and Tom took me to see some houses All lit up with Christmas lights. It looks So nice..Loads of lights . In uk they dont light up the houses so nicely.This was Lovely to see.
After I was dropped off at my hotel, I made a Coffee ,,another Big coffee and phoned Donna to say Hello and Thankyou. Donna and I chatted for over an Hr. Donna is so nice. I was telling Donna that tomorrow Deb had invited Joy and I to share some lunch with them. Looking forwards to seeing debbie again.
Joy has another Album to take to Deb,s too. .
Hope I can sleep tonight..Ive been looking out of the window at the night sky alot . Just thinking , deep thoughts.

Two Friends Meet...Tuesday 30th December 08

Today Debbie and I met. Oceans apart...Side by Side. We said Hi...

Today , A very Special day...Debbie and I said Hello. I felt very emotional .
Debbie has a very loving family. She is so nice..We talked, Debbie, Joy and I..I gave Deb the little Album Id put together with cards , messages, One of Alfie,s Rosettes, a couple of letters from me to Deb..
I gave Deb some small gifts Id brought over with me. We stayed for a short while as Debbie was tired..We didnt want to put too much on her. We left Deb to rest.
As we walked to Joy,s car I felt so humbled, full of tears. The feeling was one of Joy, sadness, and full of questions..Why ? Why Debbie ? If I could swop places and give Debbie her future I would have.
(((((( For some reason,,,the next post hasnt shown up following this one .It is in the side links Titled .." Dinner with Debbie You may have to view it by clicking that link,Debbies cats are in that one also . Let me know if you cant see it.The same may go for the Next set of posts too. I will try to keep them in order ,Just click away..Grins,,Well, Cant have you sitting there just reading,,gotta get your exercise,,Click ,((( Click on Older Posts ))) .,grins . Hugs Lyn )))))))

Dinner with Debbie

Wednesday 31st December...08

Today Its Ladies who Lunch !! ok Its me and two friends meeting up for lunch.Joy picked me up at about 10am. We went to Joys to get the Album that was made ..Then I had to Breathe in My pond ...Deep Breaths ,...Very calming...(wonder if I can sneak that pond past customs ?? )

Joy and I set off to Debbies house.Its a nice drive..for the passenger anyhow..Grins..Again..my eyes took so many pictures..

Debbie lives in such a lovely area ..Trees..Oh yes, I Love trees. We were welcomed in by Debbie.We chatted over lunch..Debbies friend came over to meet us too. Scruffy kept us giggling with his antics..He joined us for some lunch too. So Cute.Deb,s daughter had cooked , We ate, I took some pictures of Debbies Foster kitten Fluffy (a young White girl,,very cute )

We sat for a while just talking, Debbie said something that really got deep into me..again..I could feel my eyes filling up..I had to look away ...Debbie said...." At least I get to see the New Year in "

That Lady, my Friend Debbie is One Special Person. She is more worried about her family than herself.Ohh How I Admire Debbie. ...I will never forget those words.

A New Year dawns, I watch The Sunrise...deep in Thought..

What will today bring ? What does this New Year hold in store ? Ok, 2008 is yesterday..2009 is today..A year apart but less than 24 hrs in reality.I hope this will be a better year for all. I Wish all my Friends near and far ..Everything They would Wish For Theirselves. May All Your Dreams Come True....

Why do we get to thinking and try to find reasons for certain events in our lives around New Year Time ? I know I do.. As I watch the Sunrise I begin to think of Bagpuss, Why was he taken so young ? Just 8mths old .. I think Im in Big need of a Coffee ...My 2 brain cells cant cope with having to work at this time of day. I do tend to think too deeply at times..Maybe that is good, maybe bad..I dont know..its Just Me ,I am what I am..No one special, just me. That Ocean looks so nice .The dawn , the waves lapping at the shore.The birds, Its a Big World So many thoughts are going through my mind as I sit here.This Dream is Real.Who would have thought that I would be here,,in Florida at New Year, visiting a Friend ive never met before..? Who would have thought that all this is down to people all around the world who also have never met ? Who could imagine the way all these people pulled together to bring two friends together to say Hello.? Who could have seen this Dream and brought it to life...? Donna did....Thankyou Donna. Who is watching us ? I feel the care and compasion of all these people..these Friends ....and I thank each one of these Friends for their help in making this Wish Come True. Meeting Debbie has been So Amazing.

Talking to people Ive only typed to has been So Special. . It feels like a Dream...but Im awake...Im here in Florida..Ive met Debbie . I feel so much richer for having you all in my life. .................This is a Beautiful Dawn. ....I think another Coffee is called for....a Big one. I better get myself ready, Joy will be here soon.

A New Year , Morning Has Broken...01/01/09

A New Day, A New Year..Old Friends Im Holding Near.
What will this Brand New Year bring? Where will it take us ?
I watched the Dawn Break over the Night...This is the Dawning of a New Year..What does it hold ? Where will it take me ? A new day, new year, new land , New sights, new feelings , New friends . Today is only Yesterday,s Tomorrow ...so why does it seem so different ? So New ? So Big ?
The dawn of this New Day has me thinking again of our tomorrows, our yesterdays..I walked along the sands...It was quiet...just me and the Gulls.A perfect time to reflect on the full meaning of this Dream ...My mind wanders ...my thoughts flow...My Friends are near...yet so far...but I can feel them near..Ive been guided gently along this Journey...by the hands of Friendship.
Those Hands of Friendship will be Held forever.............in my Heart.....bound tight by Purrs and Smiles
******* ******** ********* ******** ******** ********
Morning has Broken...Id better get back to the hotel as Joy will be here soon...Just time to grab another Coffee....Hmmmm does Walmart sell IV Coffee ?
Joy arrived to pick me up... Its slightly overcast with a light breeze....( See ..I told you it was Winter !! )Still No Coat needed...We are not going to see Debbie today....Joy took me to a Mall....Yep....its .........BIG ..! We have some places like this in UK, but Ive not been to the Big ones..Im not really a Shopperholic...It was nice to walk around though and see what was there.I would have bought some new Jeans IF Id seen Wrangler Jeans...I cant find womens or girls Wrangler Jeans in UK anywhere. Always mens but none to fit me....
Joy took me back to her house where I tried Grits...er..well,,,,Im not sure ...well Yes I am...Grins....I dont think Im a Grits Fan...But ...Wheres the Tape Recorder.....I DID like Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich...Theres a Surprise..Me..Alfies Typist..and Peanut Butter sandwiches... Ok ..so ...What are you going to say about that !!.....grins. Joy tried Marmite on Toast ..MMmmm I Love Marmite.......Dont think its Joys thing though....I went to Breath in Joys Pond..How I miss that Pond and its secrets.
Joy cooked dinner , It was lovely. Thankyou Joy for ALL your hospitality and friendship. You and Tom are Truely Beautiful People. Hugs. .....Tomorrow we will go to visit Debbie.

Daytona Beach and a Pelican !!

Jan 2nd Friday.
This is the view of the Beach,,,.
Walking at Sunrise is so nice,Quiet, Peaceful.

This is....was....a Pelican flying past...Yes, it does look like a Space Ship..but it WAS a Pelican.... Cant you tell ? ..a Space Ship..yeah right,,what did you add to your coffee ? Nipz ? Its a Pelican.. Just take my word for it..!!

This is the view as I drank my Coffee ,Gentle waves rolling onto the shore. Today Joy is picking me up and we are going to visit Debbie for a bit .She has a friend calling in to meet us too. I am looking forwards to seeing Deb again. I know it will be Monday before we can visit again.Joy has work at the weekends . Its another hot Winters day in Florida...Do I need a Coat ? grins...Joy and I went to went to a store to find a cable for the camera..then off to Debbies.Deb looked a bit tired...She was happy to see us, we chatted, had some lunch.Met Deb,s friend and her mum. They are a Lovely Family.So much Love in that house.
Debbie was getting tired,she was feeling a bit rough so we left Deb to rest.It was a lovely meeting, but Deb needed her rest.
I felt those questions pouring through my head again...as we walked to the car..Why ?? Why ?? Why not me instead of Deb ?? Why ? Yes, I felt anger ..I questioned God .I felt so many things..WHY ? ..Why ?
Joy and I drove back to Joys house..I headed for that Pond..Breathed in deep, as the calmness took hold,This is some Powerful Pond.
Tomorrow I will be at the hotel as Joy is working.Im sure I will find somewhere to go, The beach needs to be walked.. Joy will phone on Sunday to arrange plans.

Scruffy is Catster COTW 12/Jan/09

I just Had to put this Great Honor in here too. Debbie,s Beautiful cat Scruffy is Catster,s Cat Of The Week . 12/Jan/09 . This is so Nice. Thankyou HQ.

Beach Buggys ,Dont Walk... Just Grin

Today..Saturday 3rd Jan. Joy is working today so I am going to check out Daytona...Look out...theres a Brit on the loose !! I sat with my Big mug of coffee and pondered on what / where to go..I needed milk.. I decided to nip to the shop and get the milk..then got pulled into a small cake shop,well, they did look nice..grins. So, I had my Coffee , milk, and cake..That should do me nicely.After going back to the Hotel and "filling" the fridge up I walked down the beach...passing some Beach Buggies for hire.. Yes, I hired one..It was nice..The guy said I can go 1 mile one direction and about 7 miles in the other..Not bad I though..So, after getting sorted with my " Wheels" ( bet Alfie would like this ) I set off up the beach...the 7 mile direction...Stopped to buy a can of coke along the way...Hmm ,no Cup holder.......ohh well, I had a foot rest..I can wedge the can there...Yes, my coke did get Hot from the engine ...next to the foot rest where Id wedged the can. I Might like Hot Coke..Dont scoff it til youve tried it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grins.

I had about 1 1/2 hrs with my Hot Wheels....It was nice "whizzing" along at 10 miles pr hr .!Bet you would have liked ago too.....After a Coke break stop I had a grin,,Id been wedging my Can on the foot rest ..getting it hot, fizzy etc..when I remembered I had a plastic bag with my camera in tied to the buggy .I didnt have to burn my leg with the engine heat after all. ...!Ohh well,

I returned the Buggy and set of walking back to the hotel Grabbed a Coffee..yes,,a Big one .

After my Coffee I walked along the road towards the Big bridge and cross roads...I pressed the button...The HAND said DONT WALK..ok, Im not that thick as to cross while 27 million cars are raceing round the bend towards me..I will wait for The HAND to Command. I waited, and waited, I counted the cars, I looked like a lemon standing thereBut,,The HAND did Command..DONT WALK. ok..I waited some more. I had a snooze, a coffee, painted a Master piece...another 16 thousand cars whizzed past. I pressed the button again..just incase ..but The HAND said I SAID DONT WALK ,,cant you read ??? OK... OK ..keep your ....Ohh forget it..Ive gone off the idea now anyway..I dont want to Cross now..so there HAND !! I turned and walked towards the River to say Hi to some BIG Lizards..I looked back just as The HAND said WALK ....too late matey..Im out of there now..got another place to see !The Halifax River Lizards..the BIG ones . The river was nice and BIG. .. Ok Im hungry now,,,Theres a Hot dog stand..Licks Lips.. I set off back along the road towards the hotel munching my Hot Dog ,mustard dripping , yummy. .I arrived back at the hotel ,grabbed a Coffee..then decided to grab a beer ..a Shock Top. Thats Missie,s bad influence ,,Grins...I like Those Shock Tops... I sat outside my room and watched the night fall. ( I would have caught it but wasnt going to spill my beer !! ) .Deb said she hopes to come out with us to see the Manatee...That would be really Great..Both Deb , Joy and I are looking forwards to this...

Tonight I spoke to Dale, Donna and Maria and Deb...Deb was feeling sickly.. I hope she will be feeling better tomorrow.