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Im Lyn, I live in the UK. My Friend Debbie lives in USA. Debbie had a wish, I had a Dream.I wished this Dream could come True. It DID. With the help of Many Friends around the World.An Incredible Journey was about to unfold.Dreams Can come True .

Monday, 16 March 2009

Amazing Grace, The New Chapter .

The New Chapter, page 2
16th March 2009

This Photo shows where my Mind is ,Even though now Im looking at a Photo of Joy,s Pond I still feel the depth of its Powers.Look deep, Breathe it in...can you feel it too ?

Hello Dream Makers...

Today I think This is quite appropriate...Debbie is in my Thoughts... Im making some arrangements and plans for a return visit to see Debbie.

I thought this Video says it all.......

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  1. Lyn, that is such a beautiful picture of you & Joy's pond. I love it. So peaceful & beautiful.

    ~Rebecca & Twixy


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