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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Beach Buggys ,Dont Walk... Just Grin

Today..Saturday 3rd Jan. Joy is working today so I am going to check out Daytona...Look out...theres a Brit on the loose !! I sat with my Big mug of coffee and pondered on what / where to go..I needed milk.. I decided to nip to the shop and get the milk..then got pulled into a small cake shop,well, they did look nice..grins. So, I had my Coffee , milk, and cake..That should do me nicely.After going back to the Hotel and "filling" the fridge up I walked down the beach...passing some Beach Buggies for hire.. Yes, I hired one..It was nice..The guy said I can go 1 mile one direction and about 7 miles in the other..Not bad I though..So, after getting sorted with my " Wheels" ( bet Alfie would like this ) I set off up the beach...the 7 mile direction...Stopped to buy a can of coke along the way...Hmm ,no Cup holder.......ohh well, I had a foot rest..I can wedge the can there...Yes, my coke did get Hot from the engine ...next to the foot rest where Id wedged the can. I Might like Hot Coke..Dont scoff it til youve tried it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grins.

I had about 1 1/2 hrs with my Hot Wheels....It was nice "whizzing" along at 10 miles pr hr .!Bet you would have liked ago too.....After a Coke break stop I had a grin,,Id been wedging my Can on the foot rest ..getting it hot, fizzy etc..when I remembered I had a plastic bag with my camera in tied to the buggy .I didnt have to burn my leg with the engine heat after all. ...!Ohh well,

I returned the Buggy and set of walking back to the hotel Grabbed a Coffee..yes,,a Big one .

After my Coffee I walked along the road towards the Big bridge and cross roads...I pressed the button...The HAND said DONT WALK..ok, Im not that thick as to cross while 27 million cars are raceing round the bend towards me..I will wait for The HAND to Command. I waited, and waited, I counted the cars, I looked like a lemon standing thereBut,,The HAND did Command..DONT WALK. ok..I waited some more. I had a snooze, a coffee, painted a Master piece...another 16 thousand cars whizzed past. I pressed the button again..just incase ..but The HAND said I SAID DONT WALK ,,cant you read ??? OK... OK ..keep your ....Ohh forget it..Ive gone off the idea now anyway..I dont want to Cross now..so there HAND !! I turned and walked towards the River to say Hi to some BIG Lizards..I looked back just as The HAND said WALK ....too late matey..Im out of there now..got another place to see !The Halifax River Lizards..the BIG ones . The river was nice and BIG. .. Ok Im hungry now,,,Theres a Hot dog stand..Licks Lips.. I set off back along the road towards the hotel munching my Hot Dog ,mustard dripping , yummy. .I arrived back at the hotel ,grabbed a Coffee..then decided to grab a beer ..a Shock Top. Thats Missie,s bad influence ,,Grins...I like Those Shock Tops... I sat outside my room and watched the night fall. ( I would have caught it but wasnt going to spill my beer !! ) .Deb said she hopes to come out with us to see the Manatee...That would be really Great..Both Deb , Joy and I are looking forwards to this...

Tonight I spoke to Dale, Donna and Maria and Deb...Deb was feeling sickly.. I hope she will be feeling better tomorrow.

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