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Im Lyn, I live in the UK. My Friend Debbie lives in USA. Debbie had a wish, I had a Dream.I wished this Dream could come True. It DID. With the help of Many Friends around the World.An Incredible Journey was about to unfold.Dreams Can come True .

Sunday, 11 January 2009

A Dream Awakes

Air Traffic Tracker and my Plane
UK to Philadelphia and Florida

Dream .....26th December 08

UK to Florida

Photo of Dale and Lyn in Philadelphia.

After many talks with Donna, (Morgan,s mum ) it was looking like this Dream might actually Come True.Donna took it on, She got the Go Ahead from HQ to start a Private Group and that is where Dreams and Visions joined together.

Auctions ,Donations, So many People joined in to make this Group into the Fantastic Group it has become.Funding came from all over the world.

The Dream was begining to Awake..

I spoke to Debbie and asked if she would like a Visitor !! Deb said YES !

The Dream was Alive.

I did many mistakes along the way , some BIG and some Bigger !! Flights got booked..then ..the finding of hotels in Orlando and Daytona got underway...Yes, I booked flights to the wrong airports. One of my Many mistakes..Having never flown to USA I wasnt prepared for what I was about to recieve !! After all Joy,s ( Princess Sophie ,s mum ) Hard work I had Hotels to go to.Orlando and Daytona Beach.Thankyou Joy.

My flight left Manchester on Dec 26th I had to change flights in Philadelphia. Moozer,s mum and Dad , Dale and Neil came to Philadelphia to meet me. They drove from New York . We had a Great time ,eating Philly Cheese Steaks and drinking Coffee ( I like Coffee !! ) We talked, Laughed, and I felt like Id known Dale and Neil for ever.Yes Dale..I will take you up on your offer to stay with you on your Houseboat..It sounds Great ,plus I get to meet Alfies Mate Moozer !! ...ulteria motive ,,grins )

Dale and Neil got me back to the airport with loads of time to spare.

I got checked in again..Looked at my ticket for the Gate...(here is where mistake number ...??? happened ) I headed to Gate 26. WOW, this Airport is BIG ! I looked for a Hire car,,a Bus..a taxi !! At least I was kept fit..it was a long walk.Found gate 26.I sat down knowing I had hrs to wait..I watched planes come and go..at about 7 pm I asked the Lady manning the podium about the Orlando flight.She said " ohh, just sit down and I will see you after Ive done this paperwork " OK I thought.., Well, I checked my ticket for the hundreth time..I actually ripped my ticket in half cos I was taking in out so many times..gulp ! (it was ok I was told ! ) That is when I saw Gate 28 ......not 26....the DATE was 26...not GATE. Ohh No,,,I dashed to Gate 28 but my flight to Orlando was taking off ...without Me !! Ohh well, Mistakes are happen....yes, BIG ones !Off I trotted to the US info desk...There I stood in line ...One guy had missed his flight as HE was sat in a Bar...The Lady( with the Face of Stone ) told him in no uncertain words that he had to pay for his hotel, flight change etc...I counted my Dollars..GULP ! I wondered If Singing would help ? grins.My turn to face the Face Of Stone...I explained I had been sat at the wrong gate...The Face of Stone melted into a Face of Smiles.This Lady was Very nice..She booked me onto the next Flight to Orlando,,Saturday afternoon ) She also gave me Hotel and shuttle details..and didnt want any money from me,,( I bet that guy who was sat in the Bar was cursing me !! )

Off I went to find a shuttle ...It was late, I was tired but all the errors were My Errors . I stood outside and waited for a shuttle...That is when I phoned Maria to let her know I wouldnt be in Orlando til Saturday evening.She told me to Stop right where I was,,Not board ANY Shuttle...and was phoning me back in 5 minutes.. Maria phoned me back,,,and told me to go across to the Marriot Hotel as it was In the Airport..She had booked me in there.( Maria has been a Guardian Angel throughout this Visit .)

The Marriot Hotel was really nice ..Im not use to such Luxuries..It was strange..but Very nice..I cant thank Maria enough.

Next morning..Off to my Next Flight..I got through Check in..was searched..and they took my Peanut Butter and Jelly off me..(Dale gave me those along with my Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich...Grins..they didnt find That !! ..licks Lips ! .

My ticket said GATE 8...A so off I went...WOW...this Airport grew over night im sure. I found Gate 8..A .I had Hrs and Hrs to wait..but I wasnt moving from this Gate..I looked at the Departure board..it said MY flight was departing at Gate 20A..Hummm...Ticket said gate 8 A...Board said Gate 20A..Here we go again...Gates ...I was telling Maria..who checked and said Yes, gate 20A is My departure gate..So I went off in search of a Taxi !! (It was a BIG airport !! ) I found gate 20A..and stayed there ..All was well. This was the right place. My flight to Orlando arrived..I boarded ..I arrived in Orlando Airport safe and well...Now to find the Hotel shuttle place...Do I need a Taxi ? grins..Nope..I found the Shuttle place ..Phoned for the Hotel shuttle service and was on my way...What a trip so far..Full of adventures, Now to check in...Very nice place..BIG...ohh you will get use to that BIG word by the time Ive finished this ..Grins. Well, I think its time to sleep...Tomorrow is another Adventure along the Dream,s Pathway .

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