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Im Lyn, I live in the UK. My Friend Debbie lives in USA. Debbie had a wish, I had a Dream.I wished this Dream could come True. It DID. With the help of Many Friends around the World.An Incredible Journey was about to unfold.Dreams Can come True .

Sunday, 11 January 2009

We Had a Dream..

My Friend Debbie said to me a long time ago that She wished we could meet as she felt she knew me well. We ( Our cats Scruffy and Alfie ) talked to each other often. Then we lost contact. I found out that was because Debbie was Ill. I tried to find Debbie but was having no luck. I searched the groups that Scruffy was in..to see if there was any posts .I asked some friends for help, advice as to how to extend my search.I got good help and advice..I also emailed HQ who passed on my message to Debbie..who emailed me..YES We had contact. This was the start of The Dream. The Incredible Journey .Two Friends, Two Countries.. Uk and USA ,One Ocean, Many Friends from around the world joined this Dream...They are The Dream Makers.
The Dream was about to become a Reality.
Alfie ........Lyn
The Dream Makers .....We Can Make A Dream Come True

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  1. This has been an incredible journey - and we are all so happy to be a part of it.

  2. Donna, This Really IS a Dream Come True, Hugs , Thankyou. Lyn


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