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Im Lyn, I live in the UK. My Friend Debbie lives in USA. Debbie had a wish, I had a Dream.I wished this Dream could come True. It DID. With the help of Many Friends around the World.An Incredible Journey was about to unfold.Dreams Can come True .

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Daytona Beach and a Pelican !!

Jan 2nd Friday.
This is the view of the Beach,,,.
Walking at Sunrise is so nice,Quiet, Peaceful.

This is....was....a Pelican flying past...Yes, it does look like a Space Ship..but it WAS a Pelican.... Cant you tell ? ..a Space Ship..yeah right,,what did you add to your coffee ? Nipz ? Its a Pelican.. Just take my word for it..!!

This is the view as I drank my Coffee ,Gentle waves rolling onto the shore. Today Joy is picking me up and we are going to visit Debbie for a bit .She has a friend calling in to meet us too. I am looking forwards to seeing Deb again. I know it will be Monday before we can visit again.Joy has work at the weekends . Its another hot Winters day in Florida...Do I need a Coat ? grins...Joy and I went to went to a store to find a cable for the camera..then off to Debbies.Deb looked a bit tired...She was happy to see us, we chatted, had some lunch.Met Deb,s friend and her mum. They are a Lovely Family.So much Love in that house.
Debbie was getting tired,she was feeling a bit rough so we left Deb to rest.It was a lovely meeting, but Deb needed her rest.
I felt those questions pouring through my head again...as we walked to the car..Why ?? Why ?? Why not me instead of Deb ?? Why ? Yes, I felt anger ..I questioned God .I felt so many things..WHY ? ..Why ?
Joy and I drove back to Joys house..I headed for that Pond..Breathed in deep, as the calmness took hold,This is some Powerful Pond.
Tomorrow I will be at the hotel as Joy is working.Im sure I will find somewhere to go, The beach needs to be walked.. Joy will phone on Sunday to arrange plans.

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