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Im Lyn, I live in the UK. My Friend Debbie lives in USA. Debbie had a wish, I had a Dream.I wished this Dream could come True. It DID. With the help of Many Friends around the World.An Incredible Journey was about to unfold.Dreams Can come True .

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Homeward Bound..........Wednesday 7th Jan.09

Today is the day I say Goodbye to Florida...not Goodbye to the Dream...Today..Chapter Two ...a New page is turned in the Dream Makers Journal....Today I head back to UK, I will arrive in UK tomorrow morning ..


It is 5 am, Wednesday 7th Jan 09,,,I sit listening to the Ocean...It is calling me , what is it saying ? Will I ever know ? I couldnt sleep last night. too deep in thought. Today I have a long Journey to make. Daytona to Orlando,,,Orlando to Philadelphia..Philadelphia to UK. I should arrive in UK tomorrow morning around 8 am. .With Coffee mug in hand I wander down to the steps that lead to the beach,,,,.Its dark, peaceful..I drink my Coffee and wonder what Errors I will make today...Im good at Errors ! I will phone Deb from Orlando or Philadelphia airports.. I have 6 hrs to wait in Philadelphia. Just enough time to find a Gate ,,grins.

Joy will be coming over to take me to the DOshuttle terminal . I better drink this Coffee and get my case down and wait for Joy..its 6 15 am .

I have my Book from Debbie in my small bag..I want that close by,

Joy arrived and we set off to the Shuttle...I take a last look at the Hotel, the New palm tree looks nice...with the lights behind it..The Halifax River is so nice.. Cant see any Big Lizards .....

We arrive at the Shuttle terminal and await the Shuttle. I have all my papers, tickets etc in my coat pocket..Coat I hear you say ..Yes,,well it Is Winter after all.! Joy and I talk and drink our Coffee,s..The Shuttle arrives..Its My time to go on alone now...I cant thank Joy enough for all her help ..Hugs Joy. Thankyou for everything.

I get on the Shuttle ..Its engine starts up..we set off for Orlando...Silently ,,I sit looking out of the window..reflecting on This Dream..This Wish..and this Incredible Journey.. I hope Debbie is ok.

After what seemed like 5 minutes but was really over an hr we arrive in Orlando. The Airport looks Big now..I thanked the Driver and set off towards my Gate.. Got searched again . No Peanut Butter to pinch off me this time.. My case is checked in,,I will not see it til I arrive in Manchester UK now,Bye Case,,be good, .I find the Gate,,the right Gate and await my plane...Yes..Florida is Big, very Nice, Hot,,(but its Winter !! ) Ive seen some beautiful sights..met some Beautiful Friends.. Had a Dream Come True..and thought some thoughts..cried some tears..laughed some laughs..felt the Magic , the Pain , the Wonder.....of this Dream Visit with Debbie.

I look at the time..Boarding will be in 5 minutes..Goodbye Orlando...til we meet again....

I board the plane and we take off...Bound for Philadelphia...Ive talked to So many Catster mums and dad.. It has been So Amazing..So BIG.. Only 2 hrs til we arrive in Philadelphia...The view from my window is Nice, The roof of the world is so blue.. Goodbye Florida...Hello again Philadelphia... A non eventful flight .....Yes...I did say NON eventful, grins...we arrive in Philly. I have 6hrs to find the gate..Will I do it ? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?????? ...........................Yes..no problem !. .grins.

I head outside for a bit...Its nice to stand.. Its more like winter here,,wet, chilly,,but still not as cold as I was expecting.No Snow or Ice here at the airport. ....Ohh well ,I better head back to those Security guys...get searched again..Im getting use to this,,It could become a habit !!!! grins. If I remember right,,its a long walk..Still no Taxi,s ... Why do people actually WALK on those moving walkways..? Im not daft..Im not wasteing my enrgy..Let the walkway walk me..grins.

Right,,I seem to have run out of moving walkways.....Where is my Gate ? About 5 miles in that direction the sign says......Where is that Taxi ? There it is..My gate..The board says its my gate too ..thats two of us so It must be my gate. Ok just another 4 hrs to wait...I sit down to wait.. I phoned Debbie to say Bye for now..and we chatted for a bit,,Deb is back home .She told me how moved she and her whole family has been by this visit.Im so glad Debbie has got so much out of it .,as have I. ( I bet Florida is breathing easier now,,grins.,,,shame Philadelphia has to suffer for 6 hrs with my company !! ) Deb and I said Goodbye,,I have promised Deb I will be back...I will phone,email, write ..and will be thinking of her..Praying, Alfie will be purring.

Its almost time to board my flight to UK now.I phoned Maria and Joy to let them know Im about to leave the US-America can breath easy now..my next stop is Manchester UK sometime tomorrow morning. The flight is long..Nothing to see outside my window..just the darkness. The flight is again..non eventful..Cant sleep..Just enought time to think ..to remember.. ..As we arrive over UK we have to circle for a while as something was happening at Manchester Airport ...We finally landed and had to taxi ( see...I knew id find a Taxi somewhere) around the runway for ages..Then the plane came to a halt...Still couldnt see anything much..It was thick Fog,,,We had no Gate to stop at ,,instead buses had to drive to the plane and take us to Security ..Yes..Im standing on UK soil..in Freezing Fog..with a Big wind chill, HUH ..see ..Now THIS is Winter...Just look at what you lot in Florida are missing !! Ok,,time to grab a bag..and head for the car,,Frank is waiting.. . It takes about 3/4 hr to reach home.. I get inside,,shut the door ...Alfie cant believe its me..He jumped onto my case and looked...Is it time to go in the Car now mum ? Alfie lived on my shoulders for the rest of the day,, . (it took two days for him to let me loose..Ohh that boy..Smiles. The rest of the gang said Hi mum..and carried on snoozing.! I missed You guys too !

Lupe isnt looking too good,,, Its Thursday... I need a Coffee.a Big one.

Tomorrow Im in work.. Saturday brings more sadness...Lupe asked ....I said Ok old Fella...You can rest today..I had to let my Old Boy rest in peace. .....Saturday 10th Jan 09.

I recall asking as I watched the Florida Sunrise..What will this New Year Bring ? More sadness..more tears...Tomorrow is another day...the next page has been turned in this Chapter of The Dream ..the Incredible Journey.. Dreams Can Come True... Im going to phone Deb a bit later today.. Hugs ..Thankyou Dream Makers..You Made a Dream Come True..We all Did.. but the Dream isnt over,,its only just begun,..the next chapter is about to unfold........................................................................................Hugs ..Lyn (updates as recieved..will be added here.)

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