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Im Lyn, I live in the UK. My Friend Debbie lives in USA. Debbie had a wish, I had a Dream.I wished this Dream could come True. It DID. With the help of Many Friends around the World.An Incredible Journey was about to unfold.Dreams Can come True .

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Lost in thought., The Hospital , Monday 5th Jan 09

We arrived back at Joys home after our lovely visit to the Blue Springs Park. After a Coffee I let Joy and Tom have some time to themselves.I went outside to visit The Pond..It looks So nice. .....

Joy came outside ..She had talked to Debbie....Debbie is getting taken in to the Hospital in Orlando..............................She isnt doing very well. ................Deb will let Joy know which room she is in so we can visit her in Hospital tomorrow. Yes, Im very worried, scared, tears flow freely..no point in trying to hide them...I cant...I need this Pond now more than ever,,,Joy and I stood quietly looking into the Pond. Very Emotional .very worried for my Friend and her family. Very scared .everything feels so far away ....I feel lost..The light is fadeing..The Pond is fadeing..Darkness is falling.. I stood in the darkness just thinking.. til it was time to retuyrn to the hotel. I know we are all worried and I hope we can visit Deb tomorrow...Yes..Im worried ..I am thinking of Debbie and her family tonight...

Joy and Tom drove me back to Daytona...Joy will pick me up tomorrow and see if we can visit Deb in Hospital. Huge Thanks go to Joy and Tom..They are really Great people..True Friends .Hugs .

I arrived at my hotel, made a coffee and stood outside..listening to the Ocean ..Time stood still. Im not sure what time I went inside .It was late.. Another Coffee is drank. Its very late now...I cant sleep..too much going on inside my mind..too many thoughts..I hope Debbie is ok..I know one of her daughters will be with her all the time ..Im glad of that..Deb has someone with her. Hugs Debbie.

I look at my clock,,,,its gone 3 am..Still cant sleep. Might as well listen to the Ocean til Dawn breaks. Everything is silent except for the waves rolling onto the shore. I start to think of all the friends I have standing right beside me...Silence is Golden.....but my eyes still see.....

I wonder how Debbie is.....?

The dawn is breaking. I am feeling anxious, ...I need My Pond.

It is Morning..it is light,people are stiring..Footsteps on the sand...mine...yours as I know you are all walking this walk with me. Walking besides me every step of the way.So Far yet So Near.................I see Joys car..its time to go ................

Joy has the Hospital name and room number..we can visit Debbie today.

Joy and Tom took me to see their Warehouse..I love the Train..They have lots of Castles, bouncers, It was nice to see..Tom told me about the Bear that use to be seen around.

We drove down to Orlando ...I watched out of the window quietly, thinking, feeling every emotion going..worried, anxious, humble, lost, scared of what might lie ahead...So may things going round in my head.I have Debbies little Manatee in my pocket.. We arrive in Orlando,,it looks BIG ..much Bigger that what I saw last week.Huge buildings..The Hospital is BIG..very Big..We enter the lift ( elevator ) I really am scared now..I can feel myself shaking..Im so worried for Debbie. The lift stops...Im not sure I want to get out just yet...Ohh how I need that Pond ...Now..its Powers..I followed Joy and Tom as we neared Debbies room..Breathing Deep..I try to compose myself..We enter....There is DebbieShe is sitting up, painting..Ohh Thankyou..Thankyou.I can Smile..a BIG Smile..Hi Deb.. We talked..We hugged,we Smiled..Deb,s daughter is with her...her other Daughter arrived with her Grandson...Joy, Tom and I gave them their privercy and sat outside for a bit....We went back in ,Everyone was chatting..Deb,s daughter was changing the ring tone on Debs phone....I played My ring tone ,,,,it had Debbie laughing,,She WANTS My ring tone on her phone,,Im more than happy to pass it over to Deb. It is a Fun ring tone. ...

The Nurse came in with Deb,s lunch..and was discussing the days treatments..We left Deb and her family to talk and sat outside..just as I was going ..Debbie gave me a book..A Friends Book,,aaawww Thankyou Debbie.. We sat outside til Lunch was over..we talked..I love the view from this window,,Its Big..We are High up...I looked at the Book Deb gave me,,Ohhhhhhh ...page One...I cant hide my tears.. Debbie had written something So Nice in the Book. It moved me to tears..I will Treasure this Book always. ......I can feel those tears as I write this...I can feel the Friendship...

We talked with Deb some more, I gave Debbie the little Manatee.....We smiles, laughed, I did have to look away some times as Deb said some Lovely things to me..Im So Glad This Dream came True..it has ment So much to me, to Debbie.To the Group,,To Friendship. Before we left Debbie she asked me to phone her before I leave tomorrow..I promised I will. We hugged goodbye..and I told Deb I will be back,,I will phone and write and email.I gave Deb,s daughter a letter Id written to the Family and gave Debbie one Id written for Deb..I feel So helpless as I walked out of that Hospital room..I Turned to see Deb ...She looked like I did...Eyes full of tears,,I held that Book close and tight as we walked to the car....So full of every emotion going.. We drove back to Joys house..I closed my eyes to see Deb..I pray her Chemo will help her. I look again at the words in my Book.. .................We arrived at Joys..I need that Pond..I had to Breath it in Deep,,,,Very Deeply.........thinking of This Dream. ..........................and everyone who has made this Dream possible....Never will I forget this ..Never..never.


  1. Lyn you write so beautifully from your heart, eyes and ears. You make us feel we are right there with you seeing ,feeling and hearing the same things and yes crying the same tears with you. Thank you so much for leading us so well through all the details of this memorable trip.

    We send our prayer to Debbie, you and all who helped you on your journey.

    Love from Diane, Suki, Thai Pie, Cleo

  2. Thankyou Diane, I know you all were with me through every step of this Incredible Journey. I had so many Hands gently Guideing me as I walked along this Dream,s path.I thank you all. Hugs Lyn


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