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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Monday 5th Jan...Blue Springs State Park.

Top left....You guess...grins..Prize for the correct guess of What I Saw here...........................................Give up yet ? I have......grins

Below is The Intentional Error ! A Big Lizard from Sugar Mills Garden..he fancied a Day Out with us..

Joy, Lyn and Alfie Tee Shirt. That Cat gets everywhere.


Another Nice hot Winters Day in Florida. Today Joy and Tom took me to Blue Springs State Park to see the Manatee and the BIG Lizards aka Aligators ...Joy phoned Deb to see if she was up to coming..Debbie wasnt well today..I spoke to Deb for a few minutes but didnt want her getting out of breath..We will talk later today after Deb is rested.

I bought a cute little soft Manatee to give to Debbie from the Park Gift store.

The Blue Springs State Park is So nice,,the waters are so beautiful, Big too. grins. We saw the Manatee at a distance,,we saw Big Lizards too. Lots of Squirals, birds and boats. I just loved the waters.Watching the Manatee lifting its tail ..following their shadows as the quietly glide through the waters..This place is very nice. As we were walking along ..a couple passed us and the lady said to me...." Pretty Kitty....(no, not to Me..grins..My Tee Shirt...my Alfie tee Shirt was what she was looking at.. aaawww I thought..someone likes Alfie too.

opps,,another BIG gap...Look closer..it might be Snow !

Some of my pics are blurred but ..Im not very good with a camera..as you have prob, guessed by now. Hope you can make out the Manatee..and Big Lizard basking on the far bank. I know some non inteligent life form added a BIG Lizard ..but he sneaked in my pocket after visiting Sugar Mill Gardens and I thought he would feel at home here ...grins,,I told you Im no good with a camera or clever things...!! Spot the Intentional Error ,,,!

Sorry about these BIG gaps between the posts but Ive no idea how to fill them in...maybe a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich would help ?

or....some of that Key Lime Pie..grins..yeah..its ok I guess,,,grins ( I love that KLP )

It would have been So Nice to share this with Debbie.I hope to see her tomorrow.Hope she is feeling a little better by tonight.Deb sounded very short of breath this morning. Hugs Debbie.
We departed the Blue Springs Park and headed to Joy and Tom,s house..and My Pond! It has been a Truely wonderful afternoon. So nice ,so Beautiful. So many pictures in my eyes camera..

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